Let's NGE

Get the NGE habit, get the we just do it habit, there's no better way.
Created by automotive experts, NGE aims to establish in global markets with specific focus in Asian markets the expertise and professionalism developed in Europe in the field of multiplexed systems.
AT NGE, it's a guaranteed satisfaction for our customers, we believe in KARMA of values, confidence, trust, ethics, transparency.
Created in 2008, NGE was not just an entity but a revolution to bring the technical edge and bridge the technical gap for customers. NGE aims to harness the cost optimized services and products embedding with the dynamic needs of customers
NGE connects immediately with customers stumbling block and serves a value added solution. This approach makes us the GOTO supplier for our customers.
NGE’s clients include major European, Asian automotive manufacturers and suppliers and also several customers outside automotive market.
NGE values innovation in today dynamic automotive technology trends and we work constantly in refining our skills, ability, knowledge, experience, services and products.
We supply value to your systems to make them alive!

Our Skills